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Advantages of Easylube’s Industrial Automated Single Point Lubricator


• Contains a microchip/antenna which is tagged to the Easylube grease lubricator
• Transmits bearing lubrication status to the handheld device's Easylube APP
• It enables real time tracking of lubrication to achieve maintenance excellence
• Assures the entire plant lubrication program is well managed

Warranty – Quality Assured – 2 Year Warranty on Easylube products. No other automatic lubricator on the market comes close.

Electro-Mechanical Unit – driven by electricity (not by gas, chemicals or spring driven)

Filled with Grease of Choice – very cost effective as canisters/battery are inexpensive

Temperature Range – from -20C to 90C – Unlike others, Easylube lubricators are not affected by temperature fluctuations

Connection Thread – made of strong and durable BPA flex 1.2″ (M) strong thread that will not easily break

Battery Type – is a 6V Lithium battery pack (not used in any household items or toys)

Visible Indicator – a warning light flashes when grease supply is exhausted or if a feed blockage occurs

Remote Mounting – Remote mounting (up to 4.6m away) and quick connections allow lubricators to service difficult to reach grease points, ensuring maintenance is both simple and safe

Software is equipped with a built-in RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) reader and MQL software on Laptop or Desktop

Operating Pressure

• Lubricant quality and quantity is guaranteed with Easylube – the most accurate lubricator on the market!
• 75-150 psi (5-10 bar) – Tested – output pressure self adjusts for the pipeline
• Impulse lubrication reduces the risk of over-lubrication
• Each lube point’s grease feed rate and condition is tracked by the Guardwatch/Skymonitor APP on your mobile device

Easylube Guardwatch Service & Maintenance Software and Reports

• General Records to check bearing abnormality and missed inspections
• Pre-warning monitor to check grease balance and date of replacement
• Pre-warning monitor displays a warning light (red) 15 days before due date of replacement

Refill Kit

• Drive unit can be used repeatedly with the new lithium battery pack
• Special designed refill kit
• Economical and reliable
• Grease capacity of 150ml and 250ml
• Eliminate manual recording mistakes – giving you up to date bearing lubrication information
• Specific grease feed tracking rate in each single lube-point on site

Tax Benefit – The Easylube Lubricator is classified as a machine or a tool (not a disposable unit) – so it is not considered a consumable so it can be depreciated on the books.