LSC distributes “best in class” products synergizing innovation, quality, length of service and asset life.

Our lubricants and greases are at the forefront of synthetic lubrication technology. Our PolyAlkylene Glycol (PAG) and other specialty lubricants are at work globally, meeting the varnish control/cleanliness, fire resistance, biodegradability, water solubility and other demands of industry leaders in energy, metals, marine, amusement, tunnelling, mining, die casting/forging, etc. We are experts in compressor and turbine lubricants. LSC is an independent lubricants distributor whose employees have over 80 years of experience in the lubrication business. We support the following industries in North America:

• Compressor Maintenance
• Power Generation
• Construction and Heavy Equipment
• Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants applicable to the U.S. and Canada
• Pulp and Paper
• Mining
• Marine
• Steel and Aluminum base metal manufacturing
• Tunnelling
• Amusement
• Fire Departments
• First Nations